Tuesday, January 22, 2008


After stress, losses, my 5x5 finally got 1870 rating and it was perfect, 18 win and NO LOSSES last week. We had luck, we got some weak teams but doesnt matter because I GOT MY STAFF!!And the staff looks so cool and very good too. A long time I dont play with staff only dagger/sword and offhand. I lost some + damage spell, but in the other hand I got more crit and sta/int.I am going to take a screenshot and post here.
I am not having too much time to post my blog... a lot of good things is happening in my life. :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My first post in 2008! :)

I know I am totaly late but I've been so busy at work I barely have time to check my emails :( New patch 2.3.2 came out yesterday, good patch for mages. Icy Vein is pretty decent. My actual build for PvP is deep frost, with water elemental, and only 17 points in Arcane to get Improved Counter Spell. Last night I tried something diferent, I put 33 points in Arcane I got Presence of Mind and Arcane Power and 28 in Frost with shatter and Icy Vein. OMG my first frostbolt hit 5560 and the second 4699 I was with my pvp gear. And the good thing of this build is when the target is frozen and I use my PoM+Trinket+Frostbolt the crit is amazing, I hit a warrior for 7500 frostbolt. Of course, now every mage has ice block :) thats great! Another thing, berserking + icy vein = absolutely over power! I think I am going to change my meta gem for that Haste gem (I forgot the name hehe). I wonder berserking + iicy vein + gem proc = almost instant cast spell heheh My new talents: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-talents.xml?r=Executus&n=Iva Anyway, I hope I can realize my WoW Resolutions in 2008, one of them is to lvl up ,y rogue to 70 :) She is already 47 :P Rogue is so much fun. Well I see you guys soon, I need to go back to work :P

Friday, December 28, 2007

Tales of The Past

Tales of The Past is the best WoW Movie ever. If you havent watch this movie I suggest you to watch now. There are 3 parts.

Episode I: The first one the visual effects is not that great but the story is wonderful. Duration: 14:32 mins.


Episode II: Great ghaphic, Great continued history, Great everything. Duration: 42:35 mins.


Episode III: W O N D E R F U L!! I am going to tell you something, I love to watch WoW videos but this one is the BEST EVER, is so great, is so well done. I cried like a baby on this movie. You guys NEED to watch this. Duration: 82:41 mins.


Alright, after you watch the 3 episodes, go back to my site and read about this old stuff, about the Ashbringer, about Morgraine, etc. IF YOU ARE FASCINATED BY WARCRAFT LORE (like me) you have to watch this movie because its a mix of the lore warcraft and his own history, its very cool.

Sometimes we play and we dont pay attention on the details, example the undead boss Fairbanks, in Scarlet Monestary, Cathedral, I didnt know he was the only person to see Morgraine killing his Father. Anyway, watch this movie!! :P Thanks Vhailor and Tsunadex for the video tip and Gesi to the wowhead article :P

The Ashbringer is the sword of former Highlord Mograine of the Scarlet Crusade. The blade was named after Mograine and his uncanny ability to smite the undead to nothing but a flurry of ash. Mograine was betrayed and murdered by his son, Renault, with the sword. Recently it has been discovered that Mograine was reincarnated as a Death Knight by the lich Kel'Thuzad, and he still possesses Ashbringer, although it has been defiled by his murder and transformed into [Corrupted Ashbringer].
BackgroundAfter the Silver Hand was dissolved following Arthas' betrayal, the remaining leaders formed the Scarlet Crusade. Mograine was appointed to the head position of Highlord, and Ashbringer became the most lethal weapon in the Crusade's arsenal - so much so that it quickly garnered the attention of Kel'Thuzad.Balnazzar, in the newly possessed body of Grand Crusader Saiden Dathrohan, sought to use the Crusade as a machine against the Scourge and rectify the Burning Legion's past failure to defeat the Lich King. Mograine, however, potentially jeopardized his plans. Balnazzar made a pact with Kel'Thuzad to eliminate the Highlord: the bane of the Scourge would be destroyed, and Balnazzar's reign would continue unchecked. He corrupted Mograine's son, Renault, and made plans to set a trap for the Highlord. Renault led his father and High Inquisitor Fairbanks to Stratholme, where the legions of the Scourge awaited them. Renault fled and hid while Mograine and Fairbanks fended for themselves. Fairbanks eventually became trapped alive under a pile of corpses. Mograine alone continued to smite thousands of the undead with ease, but was eventually wearied and dropped his blade in fatigue. Renault came out of hiding to exploit his father's vulnerable state. He took up Ashbringer and slew his father, which simultaneously corrupted the blade by using it for such a treacherous act.Unable to wield the corrupted sword, he left it with his father's body, and reported to the Crusade that it had been lost.Renault's betrayal was witnessed only by the unseen Fairbanks, who could only listen in horror as Renault murdered his father. Fairbanks remained there until he regained enough strength to leave the besieged city. He fled to the Scarlet Monastery where he told of Renault's actions to anyone who would listen. Those who believed broke away from the Crusade and formed the Argent Dawn. However, many refused to believe him and killed him for speaking such blasphemy and exposure to the Plague. His body was discarded in a secret chamber in the Scarlet Cathedral.

Article ported from Wowhead

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Patch_2.4.0 ??

I've been searching for the new patch and I found some interesting things in WoWWiki (because I cant wait to get Ice Block as fire mage hehe)
Anyway, I am going to comment of some changes, but the full link is on the end.


- The limit of daily quests is being raised from 10 to 25.
- A new faction called the
Shattered Sun Offensive is being brought in with the introduction of the Sunwell Plateau.

OMG, I type so fast "WTF" 25 dailys heroic?!!? I am going to be a milionaire player lol And people who dont have the epic fly mount, now, there is no excuses. 25 x 11g = 275g per day, in 18 or 20 days you can buy your epic fly mount :P lol


- In patch 2.3.2 Shaman's received a 30 seconds cooldown on their Earth Shield along with lowered mana cost. However, because of dispelling issues, this change will be reverted and the change will most likely return in content patch 2.4.

Duh, I feel so bad for the shamans, Blizzard really needs to buff them. My husband's char is a shaman, enhancement, we play arena 2x2 together, Mage and Shaman, we dont have any chance versus some teams like Rogue and Hunter BM because arena is all about control the player, all about CC and shaman doesnt have anything of that. Why rogues, warlocks, frost mages and druids are always the top players on arena rank? All about CC.
Shaman sux, specially enhacement, no chance for shamans on arena. I am seriouly. Blizzard needs to do something about it, its not fair.


- Magister's Terrace
5-Man instance with Heroic (
Kael'Thas is a confirmed boss.)
- Sunwell Plateau
25-Man raid (
Kil'jaeden, Kalecgos, Brutalicus (AKA Brutallus), a fel dragon, two female Eredar twins, and a Dark Naaru are confirmed bosses.)
The instance will be level 70.
Instance is designed in same style as
It will be on par with the
Black Temple, and all the drops will be above Tier 6.

Very nice. I wonder how long the hard core guilds are going to kill the last boss of Sunwell. I remember when BC came out, after 2 months, a horde guild killed Illidan, I forgot the guild name but I watch the video. o.O


- Sunwell Isle
The Sunwell Isle will be, according to Blizzard, "a cool 'public' area featuring brand new daily quests" shipping in Patch 2.4.

Good, because I am kind of tired of the same places, Terokkar, Blade Edges and Shadowmoon Valley. I hope this island will have interesting quests.


New recipes will be added so that one doesn't have to capture fish to be able to advance up to maximum skill level.


Here is the link to WoWWiki 2.4 patch
Another link in WoW-Europe Forum with informations about about 2.4 patch

Tomorrow we are going to talk about MAGE CHANGES :)

OMG I forgot the new Epic Dolls Episode 17!! :P

These girls are getting famous!! Now they have a brand new forum!! Isnt it cool? :P http://www.epicdolls.com/forum/ - Check it out :)

CLICK HERE to listen the Epic Dolls' podcast - Episode 17

Monday, December 24, 2007


May you have the best of Christmas this year and all your dreams come true :)

PS: My blog looks like the "Carnival" holiday but its christimas lol.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

LOL New WoW Commercial

Mini-me is a gnome MAGE... no way!! gnome!? duhhh
Verne Troyer is a Master of Arcane (then he cast Flamestrike)lol
Anyway, its cool, but Van Damme still is my favorite commercial!